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This program is designed to become a healthier and happier version of you! We focus on your body, mind and soul.


Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

What do I get with the program?

With the Ultimate Lifestyle Program, you'll get meal guides, mindset webinars, workouts, coaching and so much more!

If you want to know more check out the program page.

For how long is the program?

The Pursuit of Healthiness's Ultimate Lifestyle Program is designed to guide you through a lifelong journey. When you've paid a one-time fee, you will have lifelong access to the program. When you pay monthly, you'll have access until you cancel.

How do I access The Ultimate Lifestyle Program?

Click here to see what you'll get, pay and get immediate access.  You can also schedule a free call to see how I can help you and to see if this program is a fit for you.

Can I share my membership?

No. Your profile is a personal page where you have access to workouts, webinars, challenges and recipes. Remember that the program is a coaching program. So this is a 1:1 approach.

Can I follow The Ultimate Lifestyle Program when I´m pregnant/ breastfeeding? 

Our program is 100% safe for and supports all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. As always though, it is recommended that you seek guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new health routine or exercise regime, including The Pursuit of Healthiness.

I don´t have a gym membership, can I still follow this program?

Absolutely! Our workout videos are made right from home so you can follow along! But we recommend that you always seek guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new health routine or exercise regime, including The Pursuit of Healthiness. This is a coaching program so we can work 1:1. We can always see if we can do 1:1 work outs as well.

I do have a gym membership. Can I still benefit from this program?

For sure! Our workout videos are from home but you always practice the same workouts at your gym with more equipment. At the moment we don´t have a specific ´at home´ or ´at gym´ workout routine as that is not our focus. We recommend that you always seek guidance from your health care practitioner before starting any new health routine or exercise regime, including The Pursuit of Healthiness.


I´ve paid, now what?

Amazing! You are now part of the Pursuit of Healthiness community! You will get an email within 24 hours with all the steps you have to take and with a video explaining how the program works and where you can find everything. In the meantime go explore your member's area, introduce yourself in the group and be ready for your next level of life! Don't forget to schedule your first coaching session!

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do that?
What is the difference in payment plans?

We have different bundles available (monthly or yearly) for you according to your budget. To make this process as easy as possible, we use a secure online payment back-office system. Payments will come out on the date of subscription and each month or year after that, depending on what you choose. You can either choose to pay upfront for a discount or pay monthly. You can cancel at any time (max. 24 hours before the next payment)

What if I couldn´t make a payment?

That´s okay, we get it. Sometimes things get in the way. Send an email to and depending on the situation we are happy to be flexible and change your payment date to later in the month to suit you. We can also easily change or update payment details for you if you wish. We’re always here to help you and make everything as easy as possible.


How do I access my account?

When you have chosen your plan you have to create an account. After that, you are logged in and can access your account by clicking on the button on the right top of the page. Here you will find your personal information, can you access the workouts, recipes and more!

Help, I forgot my password!

So many accounts everywhere, who doesn´t forget that password?! Just click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button and we’ll email you a reset link.

I have a new email address. Can I change it myself?

Nourishment & Movement

What if I am are allergic/intolerant to certain ingredients?

You’re not alone, we all have something we can´t have. Here are some ideas to swap or work you way around it:

  •  Dairy milk = Nut kinds of milk like almond, coconut, rice, oat, or hemp varieties.

  •  Other Dairy = Soy, cashews, rice and coconut alternatives to yoghurt, ice cream, cheese, and cream are the best!

  •  Eggs = firm or silken scrambled tofu

  •  Eggs for baking = ½ cup mashed banana OR ½ apple puree OR 1 tbs chia seeds soaked in 3 tbs water all equal 1 egg. 

  •  Nuts =  roasted chickpeas, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower kernels. For toppings: coconut flakes, ground seeds like sunflower or pumpkin, or milled oat/wheat bran are great alternatives. This can be done in a food processor or a powerful blender.

  •  Wheat/Gluten = Corn, buckwheat, chickpea and rice (brown is best), coconut and quinoa flours, as well as polenta, millet, and amaranth are all amazing and work just as good if not better in our opinion.

  • Breakfast Grains = Gluten-free oats, millet flakes, puffed rice, and quinoa (seeds, flakes or puffs).

I hate avocado! Can I still have certain meals?

Yes! You are not alone, we hate it too haha. But a great tip is to add some avocado to your smoothies. As with any other vegetable you don´t like. Smoothies are amazing to add more nutrients without the awful taste.

The meals are ideas but you have to tailor them to your needs and likes. So swap vegetables you don´t like for vegetables you do like. But don´t start doing that. Give the meals a change. Because we are eating different our taste buds change so who knows...Something you hated before can become something you love to eat! Also, some weird combinations can taste amazingly together.

I don´t have time to cook so I don´t think this is for me.
Do I have to follow a strict diet?

Hell no! Not feeling restricted is the main goal of this program! We have recipes to give you an idea and feeling how to eat more healthy but this is not a strict diet plan. We are aiming for a lifestyle change and mindset change.  You can still enjoy a pizza or going out for dinner. We hope that with the knowledge we provide you in this program you will be able to make healthier choices and don´t feel guilty around food. So you can still eat what you love but we are trying to create the right balance for you.

I have an injury, can I still follow the workout plans?

Moving your body is important but not the most important thing. Give your body the rest it needs and focus on the things you can do. We do recommend that you always seek guidance from your health care practitioner.