What is a Health & Mindset Coach?

Mindset coaches are dedicated to rewiring an individual's mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential.  Mindset coaches typically avoid directly giving advice or solving problems. Instead, they focus on asking questions to help the person identify and solve problems on their own. 

When you think about a coach you probably think immediately about a sports coach, maybe someone at school you had to see when things didn´t go right, financial coach or someone within the business you are working for, telling you what to do.

That´s why it can be so confusing or trigger the wrong feelings when we talk about a mindset coach. A coach isn´t the same as a therapist, consultant or mentor. 

What is my definition of a coach and what can you expect from me as a coach?

I believe a coach, a mindset coach, is someone who asks the right, powerful questions to change the way you think by focusing on a positive, solution-based outcome and unlock your true potential. 

I am coaching in areas where I have great knowledge in and I help from experience. I believe a great coach knows exactly how you feel and really understands you to be able to ask the right questions.

I will help you identify where exactly you are in your life and where you want to go. Throughout your time with me, you will experience mental clarity, solution-based thinking and much more!