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I'm Winanda van Delft

Nice to meet you!

So you want to know more about me? Thank you so much for that!

You see, I never thought anyone would ever want to get to know me. I was bullied for years and years until I was about 17 years old. I've been overweight pretty much my whole life and was really insecure about my body and my abilities. 

But that all changed!


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Watch this quirky


video about me

I love to share a lot of value on Social Media to make sure that at least one person doesn't feel so alone anymore. I expose myself but I love to inspire and motivate other people and of course, to have fun! We don't always have to take life so seriously...

About me

Feeling your best, being able to love what you see in the mirror and be happy with your life is what we all want. Yet, when you were being bullied all the time or are eating away your emotions instead of dealing with them, it's a hard thing to do. Self-love and happiness isn't something that they teach you when you are younger, not even when you're older! You have to figure it out all on your own. And that's how I felt: alone, misunderstood and super unhappy!

But after years of dieting and telling myself, I was okay with the way I looked, I wasn't okay anymore. I was sick of it and it was enough! Enough with eating away my feelings, enough with an okay life, which wasn't even okay btw. I just had enough of it! Time to take action!

"My mission is to help women feel empowered and confident in their body!"

I almost gave up on myself - But I'm glad I didn't...

I wish I had known all of this sooner, but it's never too late to start

The desire to change and the feeling of having enough of it started when I moved to another country. I was removed from all the toxic people and the toxic environment that made me feel unhappy. I felt so free when I didn't have those things around me anymore. It was the moment I learned about self-love and mindset. More importantly how to change all of that! And when things changed - because they did - I knew I had to help other women achieve the same. The freedom, happiness, support and accountability I missed all those years but gained during this self-development journey is something I knew I needed to teach others.

Get inspired every day!


Personal Life

I grew up in the Netherlands and stayed there until I was 20 years old. I then decided to move to Gran Canaria with my fiancé. I grew up with an unstable family I would say. There were times where there wasn't enough food, my parents got divorced, I had no contact with my dad for 7 years and talking about our feelings was something we didn't do.

But when I was 15, I met my, now fiancé, and we have been together ever since. We got together in 2010, got matching tattoos and have been through a lot together! People who see us, always tell us that we have the perfect relationship and to be honest, our relationship is absolutely amazing! Not just to show off to the outside world. But we are such an amazing couple because we want to be with each other. We are each others priority. He truly is the light in my life, my biggest support and I am the person I am today thanks also to him. 

He showed me how to communicate, open up about my feelings and how life also could be. He beliefs in me no matter what and I seriously don't know what I would do without him! 

____ ___ ____ __________ __ _______ ___

I am a cat-mom of 2 beautiful cats!

Although Kyro (the white one) often wakes me up at 4am, he is still one of the sweetest cats ever!

And Morty (yes, from the series Rick & Morty) is a little sensitive which brings a lot of problems and vet visits but he is also the sweetest! They are my little babies

But enough cat talk haha, I am sure that's not the reason why you are here. I am also a sister to my 5 years older brother Kevin and my 10 years younger sister Sidny whom I love deeply!

If there is anything else you would like to know, just shoot me a DM on one of the social media platforms you can find me on!


I started my coaching career in 2019 after studying for months! I help women to lose weight and feel confident in their bodies by focusing on mindset over diets.

Since then I've been on multiple podcasts, virtual summits, created my own podcast and am currently working on a book!

I absolutely love what I do! But at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021, I started to do graphic design as well. I am good at it and people even wanted to hire me for it!

And I truly believe that humans have multi passions and shouldn't have to choose between what they want to do. It's okay to switch things up from time to time or do it as I do: BOTH! And I wouldn't want it any other way, plus they go hand in hand!

I get to be creative, inspire and help people with their health and businesses!

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What is it like working with me?

In both my coaching and graphic design business I want you to feel comfortable, understood and excited about what we do. 


I believe my approach is different from anyone else. Because I have experience, besides the knowledge, on how to lose weight, become confident and loving yourself I know the struggles like no one else!

Having that said, because of that, I know how to overcome those struggles and how to actually take action when you absolutely don't feel like it!

Working with me is like having a partnership. I will root for you, contact you every day and make sure we get to that finish line together! You are NOT ALONE in this! It's not a 1-hour call every week to see if you did your homework and then leave you. HELL NO!  I don't stop until I feel comfortable enough to let you go. We are in this together! 

Schedule a free consultation call if you want to  have more information

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Graphic Design

I love to be creative and helping people. I go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! I create websites/funnels, social media images, create and optimize your social media for you and teach you how you can do it yourself! Need a book cover, logo, banners? I can do it all!


I would love to put a price on this website so you know what to expect but this service is so personal and diverse that I can't say anything about it until I know what you want.

Send me an email and let's have a non-binding talk about what you want and how I can help you!

I partnered up with one of the best Success Coaches: Rebekah Shipp.

and because of that, you get everything you need under 1 roof! Rebekah is an amazing business coach and she coaches you whether you want to start your own business or want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL! She is here to help you while I take care of all the creative things in a business: logo, website, social media, email and more!

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