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90-Day Stronger Challenge 

Commit 90 Days To Yourself For An Incredible Health And Mindset Shift In This Pressuring World And See What You Are Capable Of.



So, What If NEXT LEVEL Success 

Had Nothing To Do With Your Lack Of Motivation 

And Everything To Do With Mindset And The Right Support 

What if...

Let's be honest with yourself for a moment. You've done so many challenges before on your own or even in a group and every time you're motivated in the beginning but after a few days or weeks you give up and think to yourself:

  "If I Was Motivated Enough Then I  Could Stick To A Healthier Lifestyle"

I mean motivation is what keeps you going, right?

If you just had enough money to buy organic foods...

If you just had the right equipment at home...

Lived in a warmer climate...

Had better access to healthy recourses...

You didn't fall off the bandwagon...

Then I Would Be Happy With Myself And Had All The Confidence In The World.


But what if that's the biggest lie we tell ourselves and the biggest lie society tells us?

How is it possible that in this time and age, with all the information at our fingertips, we still gain weight, hate ourselves and fall for the FAD diets?

Why do so many people who diet, gain it all back again within a year or even more?

Why are there still children, young girls, trying to change themselves to fit a certain standard WE created?

It's because we have been wired that way. No one is teaching us to love ourselves when we were younger.

No one taught us how to eat healthily, have a healthy relationship with food.

They are missing the mindset to do so.  A lot of people don't know any better and what you don't know, you don't know.

But what if I tell you, you can change that. YOU can change that cycle, the standards and love yourself now, lose weight and be confident!

Can You Imagine What Your Life Would Look Like If You Didn't Give Up This Time?

And Felt More Energetic, Happier And Confident?

This 90-Day Stronger Challenge Is Filled With Support, Accountability And Fun... 

Here’s What You'll Be Able To Tap Into For Just $50

The 90-Day Stronger Challenge is actually a movement and community where you can reach your goals and access the knowledge of the best coaches to reach your next level of confidence, health and success…


Here are the rules and what you'll get.

Glasses of Water

Drink water

Water is essential for life. It is great for clear skin, helping your organs to flush out the toxins and can give you a fuller feeling.

So our goal is to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

2x 45-min workout

Two workouts a day which one of them has to be outside. Think about a walk, run,  swim, dance, karate, weight training...Anything that gives you joy and movement!

Woman Stretching

read 10 pages of a non-fiction book

Reading can help you develop more skills and knowledge. Preferable, read a self-development book. Learn to let things go, gain confidence or work on your relationship. Self-development books help you shift your mindset!

Eat healthily

In the original 75-hard challenge from Andy Frisella, you needed to follow a diet with no cheat meals... I am against diets and aim for healthy lifestyle changes so our rule for this challenge is to create a healthy relationship with food and teach you about balance. No one should feel deprived, restricted and frustrated because of food.

Healthy Lunch
Virtual Team Meeting


You are not alone in this, I make sure of that! I will check in every week to see how you're doing and to share my own experience, difficulties and struggles because of course, I am doing this with you!

Weekly live workouts

To make it more fun and supportive, there will be a PT doing weekly workouts so you can do it together so you can tick off at least 1 workout that day!

Online Yoga

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Here’s Why You Should Act TODAY...

These days, we don’t know what tomorrow will look like…


That might sound negative but isn’t it true? Health is a major concern worldwide and everyone is all over the place…


And wouldn’t you prefer to live a healthier life, with the capabilities to actually GROW CONFIDENCE and BE HEALTHY, while others are starting over every Monday because 'now they feel motivated?'


Wouldn’t you love to feel secure, energetic, happy, strong and confident and know you can come out on the other side of this on a NEW LEVEL, and not fall back as many others will?


If you wait until tomorrow, chances are you’ll either forget or get distracted by Social Media or some other stressful thing…


And then you will have wasted a day when you could’ve been making serious progress for yourself.


DON’T LET THAT BE YOU - take action TODAY!

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join 'The 90-Day Stronger Challenge' Today!

  Commit To Yourself To Do These 5 Things Every Single Day For 90-Days Straight:
Drink 2 Litres Of Water, 2x 45-Min Workout(One Of Them Outside), Read 10 Pages Of A Self-Development Book And Eat Healthily.

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