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I’m Winanda van Delft, The Happiness seeker.

I am an expert in Graphic Design - think about website/funnel building, Social Media and more! I help businesses with graphic designs that result in MASSIVE, needle-moving growth & engagement…

… & I empower women (just like me) how to find health, happiness & confidence by coaching them 


into BADASS women  - without dieting, restrictions or guilt - including all other areas of life.


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Become Confident in your body!

Start my coaching program: The Ultimate Lifestyle program and lose weight, become happy and confident in your body!

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100 Social Media Posts

I created 100 eye-catching social media posts for you to use - for every niche & business!


How to get clients organically

Join this training and learn how to get clients successfully and organically. No need to spend on ads!

Some content that may help you

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Learn how to live an AMAZING life and not just okay with Mollie Sommer

Christine McKay has experience negotiating with dozens of the Fortune 500

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It's time for NEXT LEVEL thinking, actions and results!

The Ultimate Lifestyle Program is an online coaching program that mainly focuses on mindset. Creating a new lifestyle requires a lot of support, discipline and courage. In this program, I will coach you and you will learn how to change your mindset to live a healthier and happier life. Learn to love yourself, how to make better choices, overcoming fear and so much more!



I always felt alone in my weight loss journey and misunderstood. I gave up so many times because nothing worked - no diet gave me the satisfaction and results I hoped for. That changed when I started to shift my mindset. I became confident, lost weight and was truly happy for the first time!

I wanted to show this 'magic' to the world. How come no one taught us this? So it became my mission to do so!


Through my community, I love to inspire - MOTIVATE with free value, kindness, and support as you start (or continue) your journey to becoming the most CONFIDENT you've ever been.

I would love to welcome you into our FREE community, Become a BADASS woman - and support you on the next step in your journey!

"Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone"


Health & Mindset Coach

Graphic Designer

Why do I offer 2 completely different services?

I am very passionate about helping others create a better life for themselves and I love to be creative! So initially I started with graphic design because that's what I studied for and became a coach afterwards and stopped graphic design. I felt like I had to choose.

But nothing is further from the truth! We as humans have multiple passions and that is okay! We should not just choose one over the other. Why not do them both?


And that's what I decided to do and they go well hand in hand. When I am helping businesses create their website or images, I can also coach them on how to grow their business and how to take care of their health. Because feeling your best from the inside, is helping you to grow your business too!




I create high-converting websites and webshops. All tailored to your audience and needs. Book a call to discuss the possibilities!


Eye-catching images for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more...I can do it. Buy a package or pay per image. I am here to serve you!


Do you need other things like book covers, a logo, email templates? I can do that too! I am your girl when it comes to the creative side of your business!

What others have to say


Rebekah Shipp

"Winanda has proven to be one of the best partnerships I’ve made! She continuously goes above and beyond and always over-delivers! She works fast and learns quickly, she’s always at the forefront of the latest and greatest apps and software and understands what’s trending. She is an expert at social media marketing, graphic design and web design and I count myself lucky to have her part of my team. She has excellent communication skills, she’s super friendly and professional, and she’s a go-getter! Hire her! You won’t be disappointed!"

Stefanie and Chelsea - 1st headshots.jpg

We love Winanda! Winanda has this amazing ability to make you feel like you are always talking to a best friend. You never feel like you are being judged and you feel like you can open up more. Her posts are always so inspiring and motivational and we are always reminded to love ourselves and to feel confident in our own skin.

Her kindness is infectious and her content is powerful! We are so thankful to have met Winanda as we know that our lives have been changed for the better since meeting her. ♥️

Stefanie & Chelsea